Laundry Safety Pins Overview

Product Code Pin Size Box Quantity
IFC033 28mm HS1 Safety Pin 1,440 per box
IFC043 32mm Safety Pin 1,440 per box
IFC053 38mm HS2 Safety Pin 1,440 per box
IFC057 38mm Large Coil Safety Pins 1,440 per box
IFC073 50mm HS3 Safety Pins 1,440 per box

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The Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industries require a higher specification of pin due to the rigorous nature of use. IFC have sourced high strength Industry Specific pins manufactured from high carbon steel for added durability. The standard finish on these pins is nickel plated.

These premium quality products are also suitable for use in the same industries as our standard products when a higher specification pin is required.

They are available in a range of sizes shown above. Other pack quantities can be supplied on request.

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