IFC Wire Components Company Profile

We are a family owned and run company based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Formed in 2006, the business has always sought to improve service levels, products and prices to the wire components user. Over recent years, our high levels of customer service, product availability and competitive pricing have seen us grow consistently, attracting many companies with our expert knowledge, flexibility and simply because they know that we will deliver what we promise.

We are uniquely placed within the market to fulfil you requirements, big or small.

  • Small enough to care, large enough to cope
  • Honest and reliable – you can trust the advice and information that we give you
  • Customer driven – your best interests are our focus
  • Reliable – we deliver when you want, not when it suits us
  • 45 years experience in the wire forming industry
  • Ethical sourcing – we only source from ethical suppliers
  • We supply from stock with extensive ability to rapidly source specials

Who We Are

Grantley – The Managing Director

Grantley has worked in the wire forms industry since leaving school and doing a draughtsman apprenticeship, many years ago until after working his way up to Production Director, he left his previous company to start IFC. He is the brains of the operation and knows pretty much everything there is to know about what we can do.

Betty – The Company Secretary

Betty has worked at pretty much everything, from general factory floor through deliver driving whilst also bringing up her daughter as well. Although now technically retired, she can still be found making sure that we are all doing what we are meant to be doing and will turn her hand to pretty much anything within the office and warehouse.

Sarah and Isobel

Sarah has worked in everything from debt collection to car sales and most recently for a transport company until she became a mum in 2003 to the small person (who is Isobel and is not so small any more!!!!). Sarah is often on the phone and generally busy trying to keep in touch with everyone and juggle a large number of balls at the same time!!! When Isobel is in the office, she will always pitch in to help out, we hope that you appreciate the effort that goes in to her decorating the occasional box before it leaves us!!!


Married to Sarah, Matt is the newest addition to the team and has worked in a number of fields, from finance to agriculture with a number of stops in between. He has a large amount customer service, sales and operations experience and can be found, among other things, packing boxes, looking after the accounts, organising shipments in and out and making the tea!!! He is happy to turn his hand to pretty much anything as needed by the boss (Sarah of course!!!).